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Aesthetics of Karnatak Music

Aesthetics of Karnatak Music

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-        This book enables you to understand and appreciate Aesthetic values in Karnatak music.
        It gives you an insight into the aesthetic ideals  that have shaped  the Classical Music of southern India. Karnatak Music is an ancient Art form  that is vibrantly alive today  in the South of India. Both the major Forms - Hindustani and Karnatak Music - have their origin in a common artistic heritage that is over 2000 years old.
        Ancient music scholars sang for self expression and communication but they always maintained the continuous link with the classical music of their past masters. They developed the vocal and instrumental music of their times. They were also interested in  recording their vision of this Classical Art form.
Indian classical music is a sophisticated art form that specializes in Melody and the subtle nuances of sound, as well as in intricate permutations of Rhythm.  It has explored a vast variety of  nuances in sound  through  its gamakas. The temper of today's listener seeks the background and context of this art.
        This Book on Aesthetics analyses “the beauty” of core elements in Karnatak Music - such as:-Alapana, Bhavam, Sahityam , as well as Ragam -Tanam- Pallavi and Sabha gana (Concert music).
        The pictures at the end of this book make  abstract ideas in Aesthetics easy to understand. Ideas such as “silence”(visranti) in music have been illustrated with the help of Japanese painting and their use of “Empty Space”.
        Karnatak music is sublime because it is meshed with the spiritual. Every word and each theme 'becomes' sublime because  it expresses the Divine. Song and dance are elevated from the level of mere entertainment to the hallowed, primarily because of the sahityam in krtis.  
        This Book illumines seminal concepts of Indian Aesthetics and the way in which these  concepts are expressed in Karnatak music.
        Dr. Lalita Ramakrishna M.phil.English Lit.(Central Institute of English, Hyderabad) and Ph.d in  Karnatak Music (Delhi Univ.) is Director of Research at Tattvaloka (Chennai). She has published the following books :-
1.Time in Samuel Beckett –Harman Publ. Delhi 2.Musical Heritage of India – Shubi Publ. Delhi 3.The Varnam – Kalpataru Research, Bangalore 4.Krti in Karnatak Music – B.R. Rhythms, Delhi 5.Myth and Reality Vol I (Bhagavatam) – Ranima Foundation, New Delhi. 6. Myth and Reality Vol II (Bhagavatam) – Ranima Foundation 7. Sampradaya Sangita - Classical Music Tradition - B.R.Rhythms. Delhi 8. Themes in Karnatak Music - 2 Vols.  -  B.R.Rhythms. Delhi 9. Siva stories - (2 Vol) - Ranima Foundation, New Delhi
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