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Bharata Natyam Expanding Horizons

Bharata Natyam Expanding Horizons

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This unique book, presents the storyof Ramayan in glimpses chosen from Goswami Tulsidas's Sri Ram Charit Manas, through colour photographs of Nritta and Abhinaya in Bharata Natyam style. The scenes of the story through pictures have been depicted through striking rythmic patterns of footwork, ornamental hand gestures, facial expressions and body postures.
The colour photographs are of ten episode narrating the story of Ramayana in all its essentials , the presentation of which on a stage, would take about 2 or half hours. The episodes are of different durations and have different Tala and Raga patterns.
The verses used have been carefully selected from various Kandas and structured into songs that could be fitted into the format of items in a Bharata Natyam recital in proper sequence and also to carry forward the story with each episode . Original Verses of Sri Ram Charit Manas in Awadhi have been included in the book along with transliterations and translations in English .
The story of Ramayan in Bharata Natyam style moves on diffrent formats and patterns such as Pushpanjali, Jatiswaram , Sabdam, Varnam, Padam, Tillana and ends with Mangalam.
The book is an immensely useful treasure for all connoisseurs of dance and professionals alike.
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