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Musical Cosmology of Santal

Musical Cosmology of Santal

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In India, there are 573 tribes of varied nature. But it is the Santal of Proto-Australoid origin who drew attention of the administration, missionaries and academicians from different corners of the world for their revolutionary stance against the British. The Santal became their subject of portrayal. They were labeled also as hedonistic. However, very few scholars could probe deeply into their cosmic- view.
The present study is an attempt in this regard, analyzing and placing their musical repertoire in a broader context of cosmology. Apart from introducing the subject of musical cosmology Prof. Onkar Prasad places the entire corpus of the data under the chapters entitled Rhyming the Creation, Rhyming the Body Cosmology, Rhyming the Generative Cosmology, Rhyming to Spirits and Drumming the Cosmic Rhythm.
Prof. Onkar Prasad has been among the foremost scholars in India working on cosmological dimension specially, of the Santal music which demands an approach not of unilinear but multi and interdisciplinary nature.
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