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Sufiana Mausiqi: Kashmir Classical Music

Sufiana Mausiqi: Kashmir Classical Music

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-This book explores and investigates the history and development of Kashmir classical music known as Sufiana Mausiqi, from its inception in the15th century, till the present times. The book begins with a brief discussion on the historical background of Islam and Sufism in Kashmir and goes on to explore the various fundamental concepts of Sufiana Mausiqi including its historical background, concept of Maqam and Tala, Instruments, Notation, and Gharanas. The chapter on gharanas is an illuminating one as in this chapter the author highlights the existing gharanas of Sufiana Mausiqi with a proper lineage of the artists. The book also highlights the current declining state of Sufiana Mausiqi and its future prospectus. The appendix contains some important interviews of the persons associated with this art form directly or indirectly.
Since there is a dearth of literature available related to the subject, therefore this publication will be of immense use for the researches, students and general public.
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