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Swaranjanee Compositions in Night Raags of North Indian Classical Music

Swaranjanee Compositions in Night Raags of North Indian Classical Music

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Bandish or song-text is an important component of musical material and it has a distinct role in music making of North Indian ( Hindustani) classical music. To create  a bandish, one has to have sound knowledge about - swar,lay,raag,taal,form,interest in literature, affinity towards words,ability to create novelty in the context of tradition , independent style, etc., In addition,other things- theme and placement of the words in the song- text according to the name and time of the raag,complementry themes in the vilambit and drut compositions in the same raag make the musical and emotional content of the raag more appealing.
Dr. Prabha Atre's bandishs reflect all the above mentioned aspects of a good bandish . Itis rare to find a women performer who has composed bandishs of different genres, representative of changing times. It is even rare to find an artiste writing on contempopary music performance from diffrent perspectives. 
In this book , there are 228 composition in 51 raags,which include forms like khyaal,taraanaa,dhrupad,dhamaar,trivat in night raags. The book also contains 6 self0created raags like 'Apoorva Kalyaan', 'Bhoop Kalyaan', 'Madhuakauns', Darbaarikauns', 'Bhinnakaus' and 'Patadeep Malhaar', along with their illustrative aalaap and taan.
The notation and the accompanying illustrative audio recording of the bandishs will help music lovers and students to enjoy better.
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