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The Krti in Karnatak Music

The Krti in Karnatak Music

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-This book analyses the krti- a musical form liked and encouraged by the music loving public in concerts. The sub-title of the book “ Krti Sanskrti” – is a reminder that Krti is a flowering of Indian Sanskrti (culture) combining the best in classical 'music' and 'language'. Krti brings together Sanskrit and all the four major South Indian languages. Tamizh tradition has contributed powerful inputs in rhythm, mathematical patterns and rhyme. Scenes from mythology and the nama (names of the divine) are cultural archetypes. A krti is enjoyed for its raga and equally for the profound feeling suggested by its words.
The essential features of a krti are enumerated in this book. 'Tala' in krtis enables a raga to survive in a package (nibaddha) for posterity. Krti makes ragas accessible even to lay people who repeat popular krtis and imbibe these ragas. Krti gives ample scope to a maestro for creative expression (manodharma) in raga and laya.
This book gives in detail the lives and musical styles of the 'great composers' of krtis. The Big Three among them – called the 'Trinity' in music, set the krti on its course.
The krti tradition is only about 250 years old. The proliferation of this musical form in the last 150 years has been made possible by modern composers and an eager audience.
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